Washington D.C. - Senator James Lankford spoke on the Senate floor to discuss the impacted communities still reeling from flash flooding, tornadoes, and strong wind damage Wednesday. 

“We've had some pretty dramatic flooding. Over 15 tornadoes in the last 48 hours across the state. Thankfully, most of those tornadoes hit in open areas; did not hit structures. There have been some structures that have been damaged. The flooding has been far worse than the tornadoes and the high winds,” said Sen. Lankford.

The severe flooding touched all corners of Oklahoma.

It led to a series of water rescues, washed away roads, destroyed homes, and soaked miles of the state.

It will take some time to add up all of that damage.

 “We've had a long week. There have been a lot of folks serving each other to be able to take care of those needs, and they will be for a while,” said Sen. Lankford.

He also thanked first responders for their incredible work over the past few days.

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