DEL CITY, Oklahoma - A Del City High School teacher is shown on a Snapchat video taking a student down to the floor of his classroom. But the Mid-Del School District says it was the student who was in the wrong.  

A Del City High School parent, who shared the video clip with News 9 Monday, says the students involved were participating in a harmless senior prank. She said the student in the video wore a mask into the classroom and sprayed the teacher with silly string. 

“If the teacher didn’t know this was happening, still I think he could have had a different recourse,” the parent said.

The Mid-Del School District released a statement that reads in part, “An individual wearing a mask and not wearing a school identification badge attempted to gain entry to a classroom full of students. We take all threats seriously.”

A district spokesman said there will be punishment for all of the students involved in the incident.