A chase reaching speeds of 149 mph ended with guns drawn at Interstate 240 and Western Avenue, authorities.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the chase started in Grady County, when a trooper attempted to stop Javonte Barnes for speeding.

Troopers say Barnes refused to stop and led them on a chase that lasted nearly half an hour.

“I watch a lot of reality shows like Live PD and Cops, but to actually see it in person, firsthand, the officers get out, and see them with their guns drawn is really neat,” said witness Wesley Bradley.

“This driver was driving on shoulders, around vehicles, we are fortunate he did not hit anyone else and no one was injured,” said OHP spokeswoman Sarah Stewart.

Bradley was walking to his apartment when he heard sirens and then saw cars whizzing by.

“I was coming this way, and that's when I seen all these state troopers just swarm that white car,” said Bradley.

Seconds later, Bradley said the car collided into a trooper’s vehicle and spun around.

“I heard metal, like metal just shattering, just crashing, just exploding when he pulled up and went nose to nose, and pulled right up on him,” said Bradley.

With guns drawing down on him, witnesses said the driver, Barnes, surrendered.

“They knew they were had, 15-20 state troopers. When you're got, you're got,” said Bradley.

Stewart said while the car Barnes was driving wasn't stolen, it didn’t belong to him.

“It was actually a rental car, but it was about three weeks overdue,” said Stewart.

Bradley said he hoped the driver learned his lesson and pays for his crimes.

“They put a lot of lives in danger just because they wanted to get out and do something, they thought was cool, or go for a joyride. They endangered a lot of lives today,” said Bradley.

Troopers said the car was filled with purses and clothes that still had the tags on them. They believe the items may have been stolen.

Barnes was arrested and his passenger, who has not been identified, was detained at the scene.