OKLAHOMA CITY - A waste management company is making a place for trash, a traveling treasure. 

Scissortail Waste Solutions in Northwest Oklahoma City is in the process of the repainting more than two dozen large dumpsters.

“We were trying to figure out a way to paint our dumpsters. We needed to do something with them,” says Scissortail owner Brian Meister.

A co-worker suggested his girlfriend, a local artist, paint the side of the one of the dumpsters.

“Walking up to a dumpster, it’s really stinky and trash juice on the side. Instead, they get to kind of contemplate it and have this whole other experience,” says artist Virginia Sitzes, about the usual canvas.

Sitzes just finished the first dumpster with her abstract design. It’s filled with bright colors and shapes. She will complete at least one more dumpster before other artists are brought in with their own designs.

“It’s crazy, we’ve actually had artist approach us, wanting to paint on our dumpsters now,” says Meister.

Meister likes the idea that the art will travel to different job sites and be enjoyed throughout town,

“It’s not an eyesore anymore, it’s something you can enjoy. It’s pleasant,” says Meister, who hopes as many as 35 dumpsters can be painted.

“I think it brings a lot of life and fun to the city,” adds Sitzes.