OKLAHOMA CITY - A new food hall is set to open in Midtown on the corner of Northwest 10th Street and North Harvey Avenue.
The development team behind The Collective told News 9 they are estimating a June opening, but are currently finishing installing pieces and setting up inside their building. 
The new space will have eleven kitchens, 10 of which will be local. The food options will range from waffles to poke bowls. The building will also have several bar areas, dining spaces and a rooftop. 
One member of the development team is Jenny Nguyen. She’s sat down with News 9 to talk about the new food hall. 
Nguyen is no stranger to the Oklahoma City restaurant scene, her family runs Lee’s Sandwhiches, also in northwest OKC.
She said the team had 80 people want space in the food hall, and they auditioned 30. 
They then narrowed it down to seven, but really wanted more. The final number they settled on was eleven. Nguyen said, for those chosen, this is a huge opportunity.
“There's no rent in place. We are providing a full turnkey kitchen for these chefs to come in and operate in and take their concept off the ground for a portion of their revenue," said Nguyen.
Nguyen said the building was damaged in he Murrah Bombing 24-years ago. Since she said it’s been used as storage until recently. 
“The  Murrah fund from the city helped us acquire the building in 2016," she said.
Now after three years of changes and lots of work, The Collective will be another building in Oklahoma City's comeback story.