The heavy rains Wednesday morning caused a roof of a Yukon mobile home to collapse, according to fire officials.

Two residents were inside the mobile home near East Main Street and Ranchwood Boulevard. The owner and her son were asleep when the roof collapsed.

The 70-year-old woman was reportedly trapped inside her bedroom for several hours before fire crews were able to rescue her.  

The owner said the rain collected on the roof which caused it collapse. Jerry McFarland said he assisted fire crews in prying open his mother’s bedroom door to free her.

McFarland said his mother was not injured but was very frightened.

“She was back in her room sleeping and I had just dozed off,” said McFarland. “Then all of the sudden, I heard a crash. (I) Jumped out of bed and stepped into a puddle of water and there it was.”  

McFarland, his mother and their two dogs are unable to live in the mobile home. He said everything inside was damaged from the rain.