EDMOND, Oklahoma - Chaos broke out at an Edmond apartment complex when a man holding his 2-year-old child was shot multiple times, according to police. 

Edmond police said the shooting occurred Saturday, May 4, at the Coffee Creek Apartments. Police identified the gunman as 43-year-old Bernard Laster.

According to police, after shots were fired, calls to 911 started rolling in from concerned and frantic witnesses.

Caller: “I live at Coffee Creek Apartments someone is out here shooting.”

911 Operator: “How many did you hear?”

Caller: “At least four. Pop, pop, pop, pop, at least four.”

Caller: “Don't come to my door, someone is out there shooting! There's so many kids outside! My kids, if they see someone get hit, I really don't know! It's Coffee Creek Apartments. (screams, breathing hard)”

911 Operator: “Do you know the person?”

Caller: “No, but my kids were outside. They seen it! Come here baby!”

Seconds later, another woman called claiming her boyfriend had been shot.

911 Operator: “Is he bleeding?”

Caller: “Yes! There's blood everywhere!”

911 Operator: “No, I said is he breathing?”

The woman identified the shooter as Laster.

911 Operator: “Does he still have the gun?”

Caller: “Yes, he does. He just came up here and shot my baby daddy.”

While on the line with the victim's girlfriend, another call came in - one that would lead police straight to the gunman.

Suspect: “Yes, uh, uh I would like to report a shooting accident.”

At first, the man claimed he witnessed the shooting and knew the gunman.

911 Operator: “Do you know the person who shot the person? Or anything like that?”

Suspect: “Uh, kind of. Kind of.”

The operator continued to ask questions.

Suspect: “Probably wants to turn himself in.”

911 Operator: “What was that?”

Suspect: “He wants to turn himself in.”  

Then, the caller admitted he was the shooter.

911 Operator: “Are you the actual person who shot him?”

Suspect: “Yeah”

According to investigators, Laster believed the victim had stolen his shoes.

Laster was found hiding in the bushes and was arrested.