CUSHING, Oklahoma - Severe weather happened across the state Tuesday, and left a small path of damage in Cushing. The biggest damage in Cushing is to two businesses across the street from each other at the corner of Pine and Maitlen. 

The Victory Energy building suffered some significant roof damage. Employees tell News 9 that this led to quite the mess for the offices below, which will take a while to clean up. The storm also blew some garage doors off the back side of the building.

Across the street, along the same storm path, the VMI construction company is cleaning up after its garage doors were blown off. The storm also knocked down a panel of siding and snapped some trees out front. Don Williams, who was sitting in his truck when all this happened, said he was just glad things were not worse. 

“It was raining hard, blowing and carrying on, and the truck rocked a little bit,” Williams recalled, “and I seen metal coming off of that building. The trees went across the road over there.”

Inside VMI, the brand new dredges they were building were untouched, and Don Williams says that is a blessing. 

“There’s lots of money in there,” he said, “cranes and welding equipment and all that stuff and new machines sitting in there, so everything is fine in there.”

Employees worked to secure the structures with plywood ahead of the next round of storms.