Oklahoma City Police took one man into custody after a four-hour standoff on Friday near Southwest 62nd and Douglas.

Tereal Jackson, 22, barricaded himself and his girlfriend inside her apartment.

The scene was very familiar to apartment residents. Jackson was involved in another standoff at the same location in Nov. 2017 after allegedly shooting a man.

“They going to have to get him, he isn’t going to surrender,” said Wilma Johnson, witness. “Last time it took four hours.” 

The police department’s tactical team surrounded the complex with an armored truck and officers.


“When we have a situation like this, we deploy all of our resources just in case anything happens,” said Oklahoma City Police Officer Brad Gilmore. “With our utmost concern with keeping the public safe.”

Authorities knew Jackson was inside one of the apartments and allegedly held Wilma Johnson's daughter in a bedroom.

“She kept saying let me go, let me go,” said Johnson. “I kept hollering Dora come out of the house, come out of the house.” 

Police said Jackson was involved in a carjacking in the area earlier in the morning. The victim said he was forced at gunpoint out of his car by Jackson and another suspect.

“They said they were going to kill me if I didn’t give up my car,” said Michael Grigsby, carjacking victim. “So I pretty much gave up my car.”

Two hours after the carjacking officers spotted Jackson. He ran from police into his girlfriend's apartment.

During the standoff residents had to be evacuated. They waited outside anxious for news from police.

“Right now I’m just really worried about my daughter,” said Johnson. “I just need to know what’s going on.”

Four hours later, similar to the2017 standoff, police took Jackson into custody and this time brought his girlfriend safely out of the apartment.

“Her and her family,” said Grigsby. “They shouldn’t deserve none of this.”

Jackson was taken to an area hospital after the standoff and will be booked into the Oklahoma County jail.