It’s Episode 27 of Mitchell Talks: The News 9 Sessions with Aaron Brilbeck. This week‘s guest is Ryan Gentzler of the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

Gentzler came to the News 9 studios to reply to the February appearance of District Attorney Brian Hermanson. Mr. Hermanson and Mr. Gensler have markedly different views of what constitutes ‘criminal justice reform,’ and we explored those differences in this interview.

But, first, if you haven't watched the interview we did with Brian, watch it below:

In this week's episode (video at the top of this page), Scott Mitchell and Capitol chief Aaron Brilbeck discuss various aspects of justice reform including the controversial waiver program. More than 4,500 inmates in Department of Corrections custody choose to waive their rights to parole, and some legislators have filed legislation to end that practice.

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