OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police released body camera footage of the arrest of an escaped inmate.

Officers found 24-year-old Corey Boughton last Thursday. He was wrapped in a curtain, attempting to hide after he ran from a metro hospital.

The inmate was in the Village Police Department's custody. The department had admitted wrongdoing in allowing the inmate to go to the hospital without an officer escort.

Officer: “Come back towards my voice, keep walking, keep walking.”

Before his arrest, Boughton was transported from the Oklahoma County jail to The Village Police Department for municipal court. He told The Village police he was sick and wanted to be taken to Mercy hospital because his aunt worked there.

EMSA paramedics responded and transported the inmate to the hospital without a police escort. While in the emergency room, Boughton went to the bathroom and then darted out of the building.

He led officers on a foot chase across a nearby golf course and into a neighborhood south of the hospital. Golf patrons captured the scene on their phones.

Boughton eventually gave up and surrendered to police.

Officer: “Hands behind your back!”

Boughton was handcuffed and taken back to the Oklahoma County jail.

A Village Lieutenant later stated she was the only one on duty at the time and could not escort the inmate to the hospital.

A statement from The Village Police Chief indicates the department is “currently investigating why the prisoner was allowed to go to the hospital unescorted and are working to ensure this does not happen again."

Boughton has a criminal history. He was in the county jail on a no bond warrant.