OKLAHOMA CITY - An organization on a mission to break the generational cycle of child abuse across the metro is expanding its reach with a new facility.

Parent Promise lost a third of its funding during state budget cuts in 2017, and the private community stepped up to help the organization maintain its level of service.

Now, with state funding reinstated even more families are reaping the benefits.

In a state rife with family discord, this agency provides guidance to new parents who have survived their own trauma.

“If we can eliminate those adverse experiences, make them positive experiences, we’ll be raising healthy children and we’ll have a brighter future not only for those children and their families, but for Oklahoma in general,” said Sherry Fair the executive director of Parent Promise.

Staff members do this by going into the homes of more than 100 families a year.

“We take incentive items (like diapers) to encourage parents to stay in the program and make their goals,” explained Fair.

That mission became more difficult though, when the state health department halted its grant funds.

“We tried to kind of shelter the families as much as we could from the everyday news that was going on so there wouldn’t be more stress in their lives, but I think we kind of took our own individual talents and banded together,” said Fair.

Unable to reach out to new families, Parent Promise's staff used their determination to reach out to donors instead, who gave generously.

The state finally reissued its grants in October 2018, allowing the agency to recently move into a larger office with its own multipurpose room for activities and meetings. It will also be able to serve 50 additional families this year.

“It’s really all of our responsibility to protect our children and make sure that they have healthy and safe childhoods, so that they can grow into productive adults,” said Fair.

Child Abuse Prevention Month is in April. You can help the organization raise awareness by planting a pinwheel in your front yard. Parent Promise is selling pinwheels for $1 each.

To buy yours or contact the agency for services, click here.