OKLAHOMA CITY - Just hours ago, Steven Woolbright was released from the hospital. After filing a protective order against the alleged suspect, Jennifer Brown, he opened up about what happened.  

Woolbright said Sunday around 2:30 a.m., his girlfriend burst into his home at Northwest 44th Street.

Woolbright said Brown, the mother of his 15-month child, demanded his car keys.

“I wouldn't give them to her,” he said. “She goes and grabs a steak knife off a cutlery set off the counter.”

Woolbright said Brown charged outside to his car and started stabbing the window.

Woolbright’s father, who was also at the property, told Brown that he was recording her on his phone.

“She hears that, and she turns, and charges at him with the knife,” Woolbright said.

The two men tried said they tried to get the weapon away from Brown. Before they could, she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend.

Woolbright was taken to OU Medical Center, where doctors told him he had a punctured lung cavity.

“They had to go in there with pliers, spread my ribs apart to get a hose in my lung,” he said.

Woolbright’s father was also injured from the struggle.

Police said Brown turned herself in hours after the stabbing.

The attacked appeared to be fueled by more than alcohol, according to Woolbright. He said that Brown is occasionally unstable.

Woolbright is seeking sole custody of the couple’s child. He said after an incident like this, he doesn’t think it will be difficult.

“I want her to be prosecuted to the full extent possible,” said Woolbright. “If she shows up, I am just gonna call police and let her get arrested again.”

Woolbright said he believes Brown was trying to kill him, and that she lunged at him four to five times.

Brown is charged with Assault of a Deadly Weapon and Domestic Assault With a Deadly Weapon.