One of the unintended consequences of the newly signed permitless carry bill: the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation will lose about $4 million in revenue. 

In all, the OSBI brings in just more than $5 million a year from gun licenses. About $1 million of that goes toward the administrative work of processing the licenses. 

The remaining $4 million is used elsewhere in the agency, but much of that could disappear now that the governor has signed permitless carry into law.

“I think anytime you’re looking at losing revenue to the state, there needs to be healthy concern about that. I have not heard anyone, any of the proponents indicate to me how they are going to replace that,” said Sen. Kay Floyd, D-Senate Minority Leader.

“We are concerned about that loss in funding. We asked about that and we haven’t received a clear answer about how we would replace that funding.  But when it comes to an agency that’s essential like OSBI it’s very concerning,” Rep. Emily Virgin, D-House Minority Leader, said.

Republicans say a lot of license holders will continue to re-up their licenses so they can carry in other states, and they say some additional money will likely have to be diverted to OSBI to make up for the loss.

“I think that we’ll need a year to see how the program works out. I would not be surprised if we do put some more money there but it will not be the full request,” said Rep. Kevin Wallace, R-Appropriations And Budget Chair.

It’s important to note, even though the governor signed permitless carry into law Wednesday, it doesn’t go into effect until Nov. 1.