EDMOND, Oklahoma - A reported member of Edmond Santa Fe High School's student council was recorded confronting a classmate. The 17-year-old victim is wearing a hat and flag supporting President Trump. The accused student allegedly asked a friend to record the confrontation on their phone.  

In the video, the accused student wearing the yellow vest is telling his classmate to take off the hat. When the victim attempts to walk away, the other student said he will rip off the hat and flag.

Edmond district officials said the student's reaction to grab the flag and knock the hat off is against the school's discipline policy. Officials said swift action was taken by a school resource officer and immediate disciplinary action was taken.

Former metro principal and educator Lee Roland watched the now viral video and said it is another example of racial tension in schools. Roland would like to know what the school is doing to combat racial and politically motivated violence.

The district released the following statement on Tuesday:  

“The school district honors students’ First Amendment rights, but must at the same time be vigilant in teaching and supporting students as they learn how best to respectfully express their opinions.”

“If the school has already been intentional about making sure we’re having discussions and letting kids know there are some things that we don’t want you to do,” said Roland. “And someone still steps over that line. I’m a little more comfortable with whatever action, because then it becomes a matter of defiance.”

Roland would like to see a positive outcome from the incident.  

“My heart goes out to both of those kids,” said Roland.

The accused student was issued a city summons for assault. It is now up to Edmond's city attorney and the victim's parent if charges are pursued.