Oklahoma City, OK - A large trailer filled with $6,000 of supplies to help feed and clothe the less fortunate, was stolen from the front parking lot of Skyline Urban Ministries in Oklahoma City. 

Surveillance cameras showed as many as four thieves trying to hitch the trailer up to a pickup truck in a 38-minute period of time. The third attempt they were successful.

Skyline Urban Ministry CEO Deborah Ingraham says the trailer contained much needed items, including a large generator and heathers.

“That’s who it serves, those folks who are sleeping under bridges. And we had blankets for them, and we had scarves for them, and jeans for them and socks for them. And now, we have an empty trailer,” she said.

Newcastle Police found the trailer Wednesday morning. It had been stripped.

The surveillance video clearly shows at least one of the thieves was a woman.