Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City police released their report of a disturbance at a metro prison halfway house. The police report paints a wild picture of the scene. While the Department of Corrections report and officials recall a different situation. 

The Carver Transitional Center in southwest Oklahoma City is a halfway house for DOC prison inmates. A disturbance broke out Wednesday night. Correctional officials report Jeremy Cole, 36, became angry after a phone call and attacked one of the correctional officers.

Two Oklahoma City officers responded to the disturbance and quickly called for back-up.

The report states an officer radioed for help saying, "Send us more people quick, we're outnumbered 50 to 1."

When backup officers arrived, they described a chaotic situation. They described a large group of unrestrained inmates who were yelling and cursing at them.

“During the fracas that was going on at the facility,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The officers found themselves surrounded by approximately 50 of the inmates.”

The officers struggled to control a nude and violent Cole, while also trying to control the crowd around them.

“He became extremely combative with them,” said Knight. “Began punching and kicking the officers. One of the officers rolled his ankle.”

The officers also attempted to tase Cole.  

“It did not have any effect on him whatsoever,” said Knight. “So, he was able to defeat the taser for whatever reason.”

Correctional staff and officers eventually handcuffed Cole. He was taken to the hospital and then booked into the Oklahoma County jail on multiple complaints of assault and battery on police officers.

DOC officials have reviewed video of the incident. The video does not have audio, but officials said the video shows the inmates were not interfering with the officer. Officials said two inmates were helping to restrain Cole.