Second Lt. Jamie Douglas wanted to surprise her husband, and did she ever. Jordan Pruitt, also a 2nd Lt., had no idea his wife was back from Iraq when she showed up to surprise him at a Fort Sam Houston training center in San Antonio, Texas.  

"I looked back at the video and I noticed I hugged her about five times in the course of her standing there. There was a lot of moments over the past eight, nine months where I was like, 'Man, I could really use a hug right now,'" Pruitt said. "I guess that was really just a cathartic expression of all of that. Just like, 'Man, it's finally here, this is real.'"

Anyone could see those eight months apart felt like eight lifetimes. Their emotional reunion was caught on camera.

 The couple has been inseparable since high school. Both came from military families, enrolled in ROTC in college and then launched their Army careers. When Pruitt popped the question, Douglas got deployed.

"Being on a deployment this early in a career was not something that I thought I was mentally prepared for," Douglas said.

"Just not being there to huge her to kind of be that you know shield for her was one of the tougher parts," Pruitt said.

In the Army, Pruitt is training as a physical therapist and Douglas is a medical platoon leader. But sometimes nothing heals like a hug.