MOORE, Oklahoma - There hasn’t been any rain in the metro since Friday, yet much of the City of Moore Cemetery is under water.  

Mary Smith, of Moore, heard about the flooding and checked on loved ones buried at the cemetery. 

"Oh it made me, I couldn't hardly sleep for having worry about it. So, I had to get out here and check it out for myself. I didn't realize it was this bad. I mean, there's a lot of people I'm sure that can't get out here to come see this. This is pitiful. Just downright pitiful,” said Smith.

"This is my son-in-law's grandma. And she was my favorite friend. We talked on the phone every day. I called her Nana,” Smith continued.

Smith found puddles of standing water everywhere, headstones tilting because of the spongy ground, graves sinking in with some of them filling with water, and flat grave markers under water. 

"Oh, this just breaks your heart. Breaks your heart. It's a lot worse than I thought it was going to be,” said Smith.

The City is aware of the problem and hopes to install some piping under the road sections to help with drainage.

"As soon as the weather cooperates, we will be able to get in there. And because of the traffic through the cemetery, we will probably do it piece meal. So, it will probably take longer than if we could just close the cemetery and just go in and do it,” said City Manager Brooks Mitchell.

"This is disrespectful,” said Smith. “And the city needs to, they need to do a heck of a lot better."