If you are planning on riding the new downtown streetcars, you will notice their fancy tracking system which can estimate when the next ride is due to arrive. 

This is all apart of a system that US Fleet Tracking put together. They have become a sponsor of the streetcar system.

Their offices are located in Edmond but you will see their name at streetcar platforms around downtown.

The company said they wanted to get involved in the project and give back to the Oklahoma City community.

Managers of the company said this system is unique and something they worked closely with the city to develop.

"Our development team developed from the ground up a new system based on their discussions with city officials and the group that is working on the streetcars to make sure that we met their needs," said Regina Marsh, General Manager for US Fleet Tracking. 

The managers said they hope this is a long term relationship and they can continue to provide more for the streetcars if the city wants additional services.