Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is commenting on the latest findings from a Senate Intelligence committee on Russia's meddling in the 2016 Presidental election.

Senator Lankford is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and has been vocal about Russian activity in our elections and election security. 

Wednesday night on Fox News he said while Russia worked to help elect President Trump, the larger issue is they had been interfering in elections for years.

"They looked at the end and said were the Russians trying to help President Trump? At the very end yes. The bigger question was not out there. Where they always trying to help the Trump campaign? No. But that's not in the report and its not being reported on," Lankford said. 

Senator Lankford said Russians began interfering with U.S. elections in 2014.

Lankford's comments come on the heels of the release of transcripts from the Russia meddling investigation showing members of the Trump campaign, including the President's oldest son,  worked with Russians to undermine Hillary Clinton's campaign.