There's a new wave of enthusiasm rolling through the high schools and middle schools of the Oklahoma City School District, the playing field is being leveled for many student athletes.

Rundown baseball diamonds and gridirons are being plowed under and made new again and better than ever by volunteers and donated money.

The non-profit group "Fields and Futures," started by Tim and Liz McLaughlin, has been quietly changing Oklahoma City Schools athletics and getting more students involved in sports and ultimately academics which is the real goal.

“They play, they stay, and graduate” is a common phrase you'll hear at Fields and Futures events.

A couple of years ago they decided it was important to honor the top graduating athletes from each Oklahoma City High School.

At a banquet Tuesday night they also inducted the inaugural class into the Oklahoma City Public Schools Sports Hall of Fame.

Names like Bobby Murcer the Yankee great, coaching legend Henry Iba, and World Boxing Champ Sean O'Grady were there.

It's all designed to inspire current student athletes with the rich athletic heritage their schools have. They play, they stay, they graduate.

And it's working. 

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.