NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman mother says she's being targeted by her criminal neighbor again. 

In late April, Eddie Milligan was arrested for arson after allegedly setting Brandy Havens' car on fire and stabbing her.

Havens said the suspect had been terrorizing her family for months, and she was relieved when he was put in jail.

The break didn't last long, as Milligan was released on bond last week.

"He's been harassing us again," Havens said. 

According to police, Milligan has indeed been causing disturbances again. 

Havens claims he blocked her in her driveway and chased her with a hammer. 

"He gets out of the car with his hammer and starts to proceed to threaten us," Havens said.

The woman says the suspect even threatened her toddler.

"He said, 'I will kill your two-year-old daughter too,' and that's when we called the cops again," Havens said.

Police used that call to help Havens and her family get a protective order. 

Norman officers are no strangers to Milligan’s antics.

Recent calls on the suspect have included vandalism, destruction of property, staking, and alcohol-related offenses.

Milligan’s landlord has also evicted him from the apartment next to Havens’. 

In the meantime, police recommend the victim, and any other people with nasty neighbors, document everything and let police handle it.

"Whether it is something very small or something major we ask them to call 911 immediately," Norman Police Public Information Officer Sarah Jensen said.

After several conversations with police, Havens says she still fears a piece of paper won't stop Mulligan. 

"All he's going to do is move and start all over again. He should stay in jail," Havens said.

The Cleveland County District Attorney's Office has filed a motion to enhance Milligan's bond.