NORMAN, Oklahoma - In just the last few hours, Norman police have released new video showing the capture of an accused killer found 20 miles from the scene of a brutal murder.

Officers say Joseph Alliniece repeatedly stomped on 27-year-old Brittani Rose Young’s head, and hours later ended up in Oklahoma City at the OG Food Mart off SW 89th Street and May Avenue.

Here are excerpts from that body camera footage:

  • ((Cops Running))
  • "Officer: Get on the ground. Get on the ground. On the ground. All the way. Hand behind your back. What's your name?"

Alliniece does not initially answer their questions.

  • “Alliniece: I don't have nothing on me. I am not armed and dangerous.

Police search the area for evidence, and tell each other what they heard happened to the victim.

  • "Officer: He wasn't armed. He stomped her. He stomped her head in."

Court records state Alliniece still had what appeared to be blood on his shoes and cellphone.

  • “Officer: Nobody drove you over here that you knew?"
  • Alliniece: No sir, I don't know no nobody."
  • Officer: Cab?
  • Alliniece: Yes sir."

Officers light him a cigarette, but Alliniece does not tell them much.

He's taken to a patrol car.

  • “Alliniece: I've been to jail. I know.. I'm not talking to y'all, going through the DA and all that s***. I am not going to see y'all ever again." 

Then he’s placed in the back.

Emotions start to run high, and Alliniece asks to be moved to an area where other people can see him.

  • "Officer: Are you afraid we are going to hurt you?"
  • "Alliniece: I dont know."
  • Officer: My camera is on. I am not going to hurt you." 

So they pull around to the front of the building, and Norman Police come to pick him up from Oklahoma City custody.

He was later booked into the Cleveland County Jail.

His bond is set at $5,000,000 and Alliniece faces a total of three felony charges.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn says Aliniece has already made some admissions in the case.