McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The McClain County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a body was found inside a pick-up Wednesday on northbound Interstate 35 near Goldsby. 

Deputies say about 4:40 a.m., a man walked to a Love's Truck Stop and told a Lighthorse Police Officer his truck had ran out of gas along the interstate. While he was with the officer, it is reported that he also said there was a body in the back of his vehicle. Soon, other agencies were notified.

“We found the pick-up just south of the 104 (exit), confirmed that there was a dead body in it. So right now, the sheriff's office and the OSBI are in a joint investigation into a suspicious death,” says McClain County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Christopher Grace.

He says the driver is being questioned by deputies, and is the person of interest in this case.

It’s still unclear why the man was transporting the corpse. Investigators say it appears the body was inside the cabin of the trunk from anywhere between three to five days.

“I was the first one to pull up behind the pick-up. It looked like any other vehicle sitting on the interstate, um until I walked up to it, and I could smell it. Right then, I knew we had problems,” Lieutenant  Grace says.

The death is considered suspicious, and they have a few leads.

OSBI is assisting in the investigation.

“We're just going to interview our person of interest at length and follow-up on those leads and hopefully get some more information so we can let the family of this victim know where their loved one is,” Grace says.

News 9 also asked if the victim could be from any area missing person cases, but the sheriff’s office says it will take some time before they will be able to identify the body.