The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office apprehended to men this week in connection with child sex crimes using technology.

Canadian County deputies arrested Jason Roberts, 44, on Tuesday on a complaint of soliciting sex with a minor through technology.

According to reports, an investigation into Roberts began after a concerned citizen notified authorities of inappropriate sexual comments constantly made by Roberts toward them.

Investigators used undercover social media accounts to communicate with Roberts. Investigators say Roberts was told that he was communicating with a 14-year-old minor, however, the communication continued and quickly became sexual.

Roberts reportedly planned to meet with the 14-year-old stating different sexual acts he wanted to train her on.

Due to the aggressive nature of the communication through social media, as well as the complaints of the concerned citizen, investigators made plans to arrest Roberts.

Roberts was followed from work to a gas station in Oklahoma City where he was arrested. Roberts admitted to investigators that he had been having sexual communication with a 14-year-old, and said he knew it was wrong and illegal.

Timothy Awbrey, 45, was also arrested on Friday, and was accused of uploading child pornography to his Instagram account.

Instagram reported a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) of Awbrey’s account activity and the case was sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigation (OSBI) and the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators obtained a search warrant to search the cell phones and computers at Awbrey’s Yukon residence to find the device used to upload child pornography.

Multiple images of children as young as 3 years old photographed nude were recovered on Aubrey’s cell phone, according to reports.

Investigators say Awbrey admitted to looking at child pornography for over three years and said he was sexually attracted to the images. He also admitted to having several underground accounts from Russia that he used to view child pornography, the sheriff's office said.

Roberts and Awbrey were both taken to the Canadian County jail. Roberts remains in jail with a bond set at $50,000. Awbrey was arrested on a complaint of possession of child pornography. He has since bonded out of jail.