OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman is recovering after being hit in the head with a club multiple times. Police arrested Lamarcus Davenport, 26, after he broke into the woman’s home early Thursday morning, after he attacked the woman.

Jessica Metevelis is still shocked Davenport targeted her Southwest Oklahoma City home.

“It’s a nice neighborhood,” said Metevelis, home invasion victim. “It’s pretty quiet, so it was real surprising.”

Davenport busted the backdoor to get inside the home.

Metevelis said she thought it was her husband coming back home, but instead met the intruder.

“The guy came out from my son’s bedroom,” said Metevelis. “And was just standing face-to-face with me in the hallway.”

Metevelis said he was surprised to see her and she told him to leave her home.  

She said the suspect walked toward the backdoor and she thought he left.

“I was going to my room to get my phone and my gun,” said Metevelis. “He just came up behind me and hit me over the head a few times and started trying to get whatever he could.”      

The violent intruder hit her with a club and forced her to lay face down on the bed.

“I just had my hands like this while he was hitting me,” said Metevelis. “Basically, until he left.”

She ran to a neighbor's home for help and was later taken to the hospital with a head injury and a broken hand.

“It could have gone way worse,” said Metevelis. “Way different.”

Meanwhile, Davenport was on the run with the victim's wallet and phone. He walked past a police station and started running when he saw an officer.

Police quickly caught and arrested Davenport. The officers then took him to the victim's home.

“She positively identified him,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “So thankfully we were able to get him off the streets.”

Davenport is currently on DOC probation for an assault and battery with a deadly weapon conviction.