OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrested a woman accused of hitting a 13-year-old girl with a belt on the arms and face.

Del City Police said a counselor called them to report it when the teen showed up to school with injuries.

The detective took the teen to a metro hospital, where a police report says a doctor confirmed the injuries were consistent with child abuse.

It was learned the alleged acts happened at a home in Oklahoma City, so it became Oklahoma City Police’s case.

DHS conducted two interviews with witnesses who said Jones “whoops” the children with a belt and leaves “black marks.”

Jones was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Court records show Jones was convicted of drug charges in 2006.

Joe Dorman is the CEO of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. He urges anyone who suspects abuse to call authorities immediately.

“In Oklahoma we rank number one in the nation for multiple issues of trauma or adverse childhood experiences,” he told News 9. “So when you think about it, so many of the kids in our state are undergoing trauma at an early age and it carries forward with them for the rest of their lives.