NORMAN, Oklahoma - Three people are now charged in connection to an apartment robbery in Norman.

One victim who dials 911 says he was threatened with a shotgun after three people broke into his home.

Here are excerpts from this call:

  • Caller: "Some guys kicked in my door and came in here with a shotgun and put it to me and all my friends and said come in the front room. We were like okay, and they tried to take my PlayStation 4….”

The robbery was coordinated and happened back on January 29th off Biloxi Drive, sometime around 1:00 AM.

Court documents state police found clues to this crime in an unrelated investigation.

Officers were able to find text messages linking two teens to planning out the crime.

They have since arrested 21-year old Carson Foreman, 18-year old Jacob Covington and another teen.

  • Covington: "Guy has his door unlocked there's people there and guaranteed 100-500 hits of acid and probably a lot of cash"
  • The response... "you got your shotgun"

The 911 caller says he told thieves during the break-in that he had pictures of serial numbers for all his expensive items.

The robbers only got away with about $30 according to the victims, and no one was reported hurt.

  • Dispatch: "I need you to understand, I need you to take a deep breath for me cause I have some questions that need answers."
  • Caller:"Oh, I am completely calm, like I was about to kill these M***** F******, to be honest with you."

The victim tells dispatch later he thinks this could be connected to a pistol whipping that happened in his apartment weeks prior.

While the caller did not think these were the same people, something about them stood out.

  • Caller: "Like they were really nice, that's what I am telling you. The guy with the shotgun was like, "Oh I understand and blah,blah,blah," They were all super nice to us. It was really freaking weird."

The third robber was a minor at the time of the crime, and his identity is being concealed.