OKLAHOMA CITY - While some Oklahomans have lost everything they own, Oklahomans outside of the affected areas are asking how they can help.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said cash donations are the best way to help out and here's why.

Cash donations allow relief organizations or survivors to purchase what they need, when and where they need it. 

But before you make a cash donation, check to make sure it's being made to a reputable organization. 

A few of them include volunteer fire departments, the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation, Oklahoma Farmers Union Foundation, local churches, and volunteer organizations responding to the fires, including the American Red Cross and Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief.

So far, no other items, including used clothing and perishable food, are needed at this time, as sorting those items will only slow recovery efforts.

At the Regional Food Bank, organizers are also asking for monetary donations since recovery efforts are expected to last several months.