ROGER MILLS COUNTY, Oklahoma - The man who died fighting wildfires that sparked last week, was laid to rest Tuesday.

Jack Osben's funeral was held at the high school auditorium in Cheyenne, a town where he was well known for helping others.

That's what he was trying to do on Thursday.

As wildfire spread quickly throughout Roger Mills County, the 61-year-old was trying to build a barrier for the flames with a road grader. As the fire grew closer, another worker attempted to save him, but witnesses say Osben had already inhaled too much smoke, sadly leading to his death.

He leaves behind his life partner Catherine, three children and 13 grandchildren, all of whom will remember the lessons he always taught.

“We are so proud of him because he died helping people, and he was a hero. He died doing what he truly believed in, helping others,” said Obsen’s son.

Osben's coworker Jeff Hensley suffered second degree burns but was able to escape the fire. He is now recovering at home.

A memorial fund was established in Osben's name at Security State Bank in Cheyenne. His family says they appreciate the outpouring of support they've already received from the community.

News 9 also just found out about two Butler firefighters who were overtaken by the Rhea fire Tuesday afternoon. Their truck was lost, but they did survive.

The Forestry Service continues to spread reminders about how dangerous and deadly these wildfires can be. With strong, unpredictable winds fueling the flames, they urge you to take precautions to stay at a safe distance.