OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is behind bars accused of rape following an alleged incident at a home in Yukon, early Sunday morning.

According to the report, it started after a night of partying at Club 115 in Bricktown, Saturday night. The victim told police that, as the club was letting out, the suspect, identified as 27-year-old Cody Dauphin, invited her to join his group, to continue the party back at his home in Yukon.

Dauphin had rented a limo for the night and was traveling with a bunch of people. The victim told police that, even though she did not know Dauphin, she thought he “seemed OK” and decided to go, along with her friends, to his home.

During the limo ride to Yukon, the victim told police that Dauphin made repeated remarks about “wanting to get with her”, but she said she just shrugged it off. At the home, the victim said that everyone continued to party and have a good time. At one point, she said everyone went outside to smoke, and Dauphin asked her to come with him to his bedroom to talk.

In the bedroom, the victim said Dauphin became aggressive, threw her on the bed and began assaulting her. The victim said she repeatedly told Dauphin to stop and that she did not want him doing this to her. After about “three or four minutes” the victim told police she thought Dauphin had finished and she said she pushed and kicked him off of her and ran out of the house. Once outside the victim said she found her friends, got into their vehicle and fled the home. One of her friends called 911 and police soon arrived.

The victim explained the situation to police and said she wanted to press charges. Investigators arrived and secured Dauphin’s home. The victim was transported to a local hospital for a SANE exam.

Dauphin was eventually arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. Details regarding possible charges and bond amount was not available.