OKLAHOMA CITY - In the mid-1930’s, the original OKC Police Headquarters opened its doors at the corner of Shartel and Colcord downtown. Up until 1999, people were still booked into jail inside the six story building.

For years, the place has been condemned. The city calls it an environmental hazard due to asbestos.

However, one developer will take a crack at restoring the building

“No it’s not the biggest building, and no it’s not the most important building, but I think it helps people understand how our city first formed” said developer Marva Ellard.

Ellard has been part of major historic restorations in the past in OKC, like the Sieber Hotel in Midtown.

“We are talking about a diner. We are talking about a convenience store, dry cleaning drop off and pick up and a barbershop,” said Ellard about her plans for the headquarters building.

A fitness center and record storage on the upper floors are also possibilities.

On Tuesday, OKC City Council approved Ellard's initial plan to explore options.

More detailed plans are expected in June.