OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro mother shared a powerful photo of how the teacher walkout is impacting her family.

She said she completely supports teachers and wants more funding for education, and she said she hopes lawmakers fix the problem. The photo shows her 10-year-old daughter sleeping on the floor at her mother’s place of employment, an Oklahoma City convenience store.

“I’m lucky enough to have an employer that’s OK with her being there,” Michelle Walbeck told News 9. “But it’s not OK.”

Walbeck was able to stay home with her daughter during the first week of the walkout. April 10 marked the second day her daughter went to work with her.

“The reason why I took that picture of her is because I really want the legislators and Governor Fallin to understand that it’s not just the teachers that are affected by the funding of the schools – that it is the kids, it’s the parents,” she explained. “And we have to get something done.”

She said she hopes sharing the reality of how the walkout impacts families will help push lawmakers into fixing the problem.

“The other parents that are taking their kids to work with them – take pictures,” Walbeck said. “Send it to the Capitol so they can see.”