OKLAHOMA CITY - The head of the federal Department of Education said Oklahoma students were suffering in the midst of "adult squabbles," according to a news report from The Washington Post.

Betsy DeVos said teachers and legislators should "keep adult disagreements and disputes in a separate place," intimating that educators should return to their classrooms after Day 6 of the Oklahoma teacher walkout.

Teachers in many districts in the state have walked out since April 2 to protest funding levels, which impact public school classrooms for things such as class size, equipment, textbooks and more. The state Legislature had already given Oklahoma teachers a $6,100 pay raise the week before.

DeVos's primary message to teachers was to think about the children who are not in classrooms due to the walkout. She said this in an interview with the Dallas Morning News:

I think we need to stay focused on what’s right for kids. And I hope that adults would keep adult disagreements and disputes in a separate place, and serve the students that are there to be served.