OKLAHOMA CITY - Brewing beer for a living may sound fun and rewarding, but the start-up costs can be sobering to any start-up venture.

That’s why Brad Stumph thinks the Brewers Union at 520 North Meridian offers a great opportunity to those brewing in their own basements are garages.

“They don’t have to go and out and risk their own capital on real estate and equipment,” said Stumph, the creator of the Brewers Union.

It’s located in the former site of Mustang Brewing.

Right now, Stumph rents out the brewery to three brewers. All three are already seeing a lot of success working side by side.

“It’s all about fellowship and really trying to get our beers in the market place and help each other the best we can,” said Jon Elkins of Elk Valley Brewing.

Elk Valley, Vanessa House, and Angry Scotsman Brewing are all now under construction on permanent locations. Once they move out, new brewers can take their place.

“That's how the Brewers Union builds our brand when we are able to see breweries be successful and move on,” said Stumph.