Norman - In the 3-4 defense, a big-bodied interior lineman is perhaps the most important position on the field. OU needs one of those guys to take on double teams -- and free up linebackers to make plays.

A couple big guys that come to mind -- Amani Bledsoe and Neville Gallimore.

"Neville is so much further ahead than he was a year ago. He's battled injuries kind of on and off. He hasn't been on the field consistently," Mike Stoops said. "These five days you can see he's much more confident. You're starting to see his skills show up."

As for Bledsoe, he's a veteran and a leader of this position group. The to-be junior says the defensive line needs to create a new standard -- and I asked him what that standard will be.

"Just setting the bar high. Having more of an impact on the defense," Amani Bledsoe said. "Doing more than your job -- making plays, expecting to make plays, things like that."

So far so good. Stoops says the D-Line looks to be the most improved players so far in Spring Ball.

As for the OU secondary, there's some good news. Mike Stoops said today that Jordan Parker practiced for the first time since last year. Parker missed virtually the entire 2017 season with a knee injury.