OKLAHOMA CITY - An alert was sent out to parents of student at Putnam City West High School after police arrested a man near campus, who they say had a gun in his possession.

An automated message from PC West principal Avery Gilliland went out to parents to notify them of an arrest made outside the school, Friday.

The man arrested was asked by officers to leave the premises multiple times. When he refused he was detained, and authorities conducted a search of his belongings. A handgun was found inside of the man’s bag, according to the message.

The principal stated that the students were not at risk. The school day continued as normal.

The full transcribed message sent to PC West parents:

Parents, this is Putnam City West principal Avery Gilliland. I’m calling to share information regarding the arrest of a man on the sidewalk in front of the school today. The man apparently wished to hand out pamphlets to students. Three Putnam City Campus Police officers numerous times politely asked him to leave the property. He continued to refuse and was arrested. Police then searched his bag and took possession of a handgun. Please know that students were never at risk and our day has continued as normal. We appreciate our Campus Police officers for acting quickly and professionally and maintaining the level of safety our students deserve.