OKLAHOMA COUNTY - Authorities are attempting to locate the mother of a fetus that was found at an Oklahoma water treatment plant.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, the fetus was discovered at the Deer Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at Portland Avenue and Covell Road, Friday morning.

A worker at the plant found the fetus in a catch basin at about 10 a.m. and called 911, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Investigators believe somebody put the fetus into the sewer system sometime within the past 72 hours, and it eventually made its way to the water treatment plant. According to the OCSO, the fetus was likely in their second or third trimester.

The state Medical Examiner has taken possession of the body.

Anybody with information about the fetus is encouraged to call OCSO investigators at 405-713-1017 or OCSO dispatchers at 405-869-2501.

This is a developing story.