OKARCHE, Oklahoma - Back in late February, Loggan Johnson, 29, was fired from the Okarche Police Department after reports of an Oklahoma City road rage investigation.

The Okarche Police Chief says he was shocked to find out; Johnson stands accused of chasing after a vehicle then pointing a firearm at the family of four who was inside.

Reports filed by the Oklahoma City Police Department state on February 21st, Okarche Police Officer Johnson was trying to back into a driveway near NW 23rd and Drexel, blocking both westbound lanes of traffic.

Victims claimed when they honked at the black Dodge Dart, Johnson the driver, raised his middle finger. Officers say the female passenger in the family car “returned the courtesy.”

When they tried to drive away, OCPD says the situation took a turn.

MSgt. Gary Knight of Oklahoma City Police says, “The suspect then chased them, pulled up alongside them and pointed a firearm at them. The other car's driver yelled, 'hey there are kids in here.’”

The family says the man pulled up beside them and was wearing a black tactical vest and a black beanie. Police reports say the children inside the car were ages 5 and 11.

Victims report they were also able to get a partial plate number that night, but the next day they drive down the street again.

“The following day, he sees the same car, pulled into the same driveway and calls for police,” says Knight.

Court documents state when officers arrived on the scene, shortly after Johnson pulled into the driveway in an Okarche Police vehicle. Investigators from Oklahoma say they soon questioned him.

Later, police say they found a weapon matching the description given by the alleged victims. Also, police ask him if during the chase he pulled into a nearby Sonic.

Reports say Johnson denies that and says he works night was at home sleeping during the time of the chase.

However, officers tracked down security footage from the restaurant and said he was on camera. Aside from his termination from the Okarche force, Johnson faces four counts of Pointing a Firearm in Oklahoma County.

We have reached out for comment from Johnson’s attorney and still await their response.