OKLAHOMA CITY - National School Breakfast Week takes place during the first full week in March. And to mark its last day, Hunger Free Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State Department of Education paid a visit to Highland Park Elementary for its impactful efforts to stop childhood hunger.

At Highland Park Elementary, students and staff take part in the "Breakfast in the Classroom" program. It exists in the metro area school districts to help kids have access to good nutrition.

"This is a very high poverty area… Our kids don't always have food at home. But we know when they get here, they get a free breakfast. They get a free lunch and they’re very excited about it,” said Dr. Donna Cloud, Principal Of Highland Park Elementary.

Before the start of Breakfast in the Classroom, students had to arrive early to school in order to receive breakfast. And with that, there was a stigma attached to being one of the few in line to get the free meal.

Now,100 percent of the student body receives breakfast and lunch.

"These are free and they are already part of Federal dollars that Oklahoma taxpayers have been paying for years. We want to reclaim every dollar that is earmarked for Oklahoma kids,” said State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

Hofmeister visited the elementary school to congratulate them on their initiative in helping kids get a jump-start to good health and improved educational outcome.

The hope is to see this type of program implemented into every school in Oklahoma.