OKLAHOMA CITY - Ray Brown works the kitchen at Ice Events Center and Grill on NE 36th Street in Oklahoma City.

“We got some of the best catfish in town,” said Brown.

Monday, Brown’s sales pitch isn’t about the bottom line, but helping those who have hit rock bottom.

“Everybody goes through hard times in life,” said Brown.

Monday evening, Brown is taking the Ice on Wheels food truck to the Jesus House to provide more than 100 free meals to local homeless.

God touched my heart and told me to go down there,” said Brown.

“Oklahomans stepping up and going beyond their means. So, this is really exciting,” said Jesus House Executive Director Mike Bateman about Brown’s act of good will.

Brown hopes the idea catches on with the owners of other food trucks and restaurants.

“Go down there, feed them and talk to them, cloth them, because you never know when you might be in that situation yourself,” said Brown.