ANADARKO, Oklahoma - A police officer will soon be a constant presence at Anadarko Public Schools. Through a partnership with the city, police department and school district, a school resource officer program will begin in the new school year.

Chief Tracy Roles has been with Anadarko Police Department for over a year now. When he started, he was surprised to hear that the schools didn’t have any officers on campus.

“It did become one of my goals,” said Roles.

He learned it has been in the talks for several years. The idea just needed a little push.

“Any time that you can put a police officer in a student’s environment, you’re going to have a chance at making a better relationship with those students as opposed to being in the law enforcement environment,” said Roles.

The plan is to start with one school resource officer. That officer will focus his or her efforts on all five campuses in the school district.

Tony Summers, Principal of Anadarko High School, is excited for this program. “It’s something that’s been a long time coming, that we’re looking forward to.”

He understands there is an aspect of improving safety, but most importantly, he believes it will help the students learn.

Summers said, “he is there to educate and build relationships.”

Parents seem to have a positive feeling about the new program as well. Endrico Lugo is a single father with two kids at Anadarko Public Schools.

“I think it’s a great idea that safety is the number one concern in Anadarko,” said Lugo, “More than excited. I can’t wait.”