OKLAHOMA CITY - In the wake of the Florida school shooting and eight threats to metro schools this week, the conversation has turned to gun laws both in Oklahoma and across country. 

This new bill was officially introduced on Monday, seeming to be a direct reaction to the shooting in Parkland, Florida. It would allow anyone to carry a gun without a permit which is sometimes called constitutional carry. 

The bill modifies the state's current law to include carrying a gun for self-defense or "any other legitimate purpose" without a permit but adds in gun control measures to prevent people with metal illnesses and those with domestic violence or drug felonies from possessing guns. 

It would also require a person to be 21 to carry a gun. 

Right now, Oklahoma's laws mirror those that allowed the shooter in Florida to get his weapons. 

According the Gifford Law Center and the National Rifle Association, neither state requires a license to sell or buy a gun, there's no requirement to register a gun nor is there a state background check or a limit on the number of guns you can buy at one time. 

That bill to expand who can carry a gun is being heard in committee Wednesday and many will be watching to see what happens next with such a controversial bill.