OKLAHOMA CITY - Sleet continues to move southwest to northeast across Oklahoma, causing wrecks across the metro area and prompting major school districts to close. Wednesday was the second day of wintry precipitation across the Sooner State.

Roads are getting worse across southern and central Oklahoma, and that deterioration is moving into northern Oklahoma.

Between 6 and 10 p.m., there will be more light ice and sleet. Slush will turn to ice. Another wave of ice will move through the viewing area Thursday morning.

Temperatures are in the 20s across the state, but it's a bit milder in southeastern Oklahoma While highs Thursday will get up into the 30s, a wintry mix is still likely across the state throughout the day.

There is some good news in the 9-day forecast. Highs get up to 48 on Friday and into the 60s over the weekend. Chances for rain continue across the Sooner State for the next several days.

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