THE VILLAGE, Oklahoma - Village Police say they've tracked down a suspect in connection with a home vandalism case.

The owner of the property, located off Oxford Way, says since May of last year her home has been hit multiple times, with damages in the ballpark of $2,000.

While no arrest has been made, officers believe they know who's responsible.

“Kids being kids, if they’re curious and just start snooping around and are not contacted by anyone, they just might go one in and find something to tear up,” said Deputy Chief Russ Landon of the Village Police Department.

Tonie Hunter, who owns the property, sent News 9 photos of the shattered windows, paint poured on the floors and graffiti on the walls.

Hunter manages a number of properties in the area, but says this house was vacant because she planned on moving-in. The house is still under renovation, but is now boarded up.

With storm season approaching, she says she even had to bolt down her shelter because kids had been breaking-in there too.

In her yard, she has a sign with a message for whoever is doing this, “Vandalism is against the law! When police find you, your parents be the one's paying for your damage.”

However, there was been a recent break in the case.

“We need to follow-up on every lead, from what I understand we did just receive a very good lead recently for us to follow-up on,” said Deputy Chief Landon.

Police say it appears the damage came from separate incidents and that they will continue to look for others who could also be connected to this vandalism.