GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - On Saturday, about 100 people will get together to fight against the flu in Guthrie. Through North Church, Guthrie Public Schools is participating in Operation Wipe Down.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. People will be wiping down the schools with disinfectant wipes.

This flu season, the illness has taken 129 lives in Oklahoma. Pastor Heady Coleman doesn’t want any of the students in Guthrie getting sick.

“Just being in and out of the schools, I’ve heard some teachers have had up to ten to twelves students who are missing out of the classroom for a day,” he said.

The goal is to sanitize every school in Guthrie by wiping down desks, chairs, keyboards, door knobs, water fountains, or anything students get in contact with.

Coleman wants at least 100 volunteers. Registration is still open.

Volunteers are asked to bring a bottle of wipes.

To sign up, visit