OKLAHOMA CITY - Police continue to investigate a double homicide in northeast Oklahoma City that happened Saturday evening.

Friends and family say the victims are a couple that leaves behind three children. Neighbor Robert Lee Johnson Jr. said he heard the shooting Saturday evening.

“We kind of looked out the window and somebody just took off running,” Johnson said.

Oklahoma City Police found two people shot when they arrived at the NE 46th Street home. One died right away. The other died at the hospital shortly after.

Sunday, flowers and balloons took the place of the crime scene tape. The victim’s niece, Tia Espinosa, says the two victims were great parents.

“There was no reason for this to happen to them,” Espinosa said. "They were good people. They were always happy."

Espinosa says her cousins, the victims’ children, are now safe with relatives. Now, she is hoping for justice for her aunt and uncle. Espinosa says she wants the suspect, a man who ran away from the scene, to answer for the crime. Johnson hopes the same.

“I'm praying for the family,” Johnson said. "That's the main thing."