STILLWATER, Oklahoma - 48-year-old Leslie Turner rushed to call 911, asking the dispatcher for help after her boyfriend had a knife and even tried to strangle her. However, once officers got on scene, they discovered Turner was the one who had the weapon.

Here's an excerpt from the emergency call:

Turner: "He hit me, and he tried to choke me."

911: "Is he still there?"

Turner: "Yes he is."

911: "Does he have any weapons?"

Turner: "Yes, he has got a knife."

But later, Turner claims she was defending herself and had the weapon and that her boyfriend might need an ambulance. Alcohol was found around the house, and according to investigators, the couple has a history of domestic calls. However, this time Turner faces a charge of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Officers say her boyfriend was able to record a portion of the alleged attack on his cellphone.

“Seems like they've had some issues in the past,” says Stillwater Sgt. Kyle Bruce, "and he made reference to some false allegations filed against him, possibly. I'm sure he was doing it to protect him and his best interest."

Court documents on reveal Saturday around 3:30 a.m., "Leslie appeared to be intoxicated inside the residence," and that her boyfriend had a wound from a "steak knife in the pelvic area."

Officers say no ambulance was needed because the injury was not severe.

“She was just moving the knife towards him,” Sgt. Bruce says, "lunging towards him, and penetrated his clothing."

Police do not believe she attempted to target any specific part of his body.

We've learned Turner has been released from jail on a personal recognizance bond.