NORMAN, Oklahoma - Investigators said 18-year-old Jacob Babcock was heading east on a hilly stretch of Post Oak Road in Norman Saturday morning and didn't notice the intersection's stop sign at 108th Avenue Southeast.

“You go down and then you go up and then down, bam, there’s a stop sign,” said Jacob’s father, Justin Babcock. Justin said his son tried to slam on the brakes, but was hit by a vehicle heading south on 108th.

Norman Police said the SUV Jacob was driving caught fire and he was rushed to the hospital.

“He’s got a severe brain injury,” his father, Justin Babcock, said.

Justin wants authorities to make that intersection a four-way stop and add more warnings approaching it.

“There’s not even a sign saying cross traffic does not stop,” he told News 9. “They need something like that. They need grading in the road showing hey, there’s a stop sign coming up.”

He also suggested adding flashing lights.

Transportation Engineer for the City of Norman, Angelo Lombardo said they'll be looking into the safety of 108th Avenue Southeast and Post Oak Road in light of this crash, making sure the needed signs are there and that the intersection control in place is appropriate for the conditions.

Lombardo said the City of Norman had not received any requests to look at this intersection in the past.

According to Norman Police records, Saturday’s crash was the 12th at the intersection since 2013.

Ward 5 City Councilmember Sereta Wilson said the City follows federal standards for signs, signals and striping. “I would like to visit that standard and explore making changes based on our rural landscape, and the lack of opportunity for ambulance service and the fact that our roads are dark, narrow, and hilly,” she said. “But as far as I can tell, City staff is doing a very good job of adhering to the federal standard to the letter.”

Tuesday night, Jacob remained in a medically-induced coma with his family by his side at OU Medical Center, hoping he'll make a full recovery.

“He’s my first born,” his father told News 9. “He’s the only grandson in our family. And to have him in here because of what happened – it’s hard.”

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